My trip to Amsterdam

A beautiful city you difinitely have to visit!

Last week my boyfriend and I visited Amsterdam for four days and we really enjoyed our stay!


Our flight was pretty early on Tuesday so we had the rest of the day to explore the city. After we arrived at the airport we took the train to the so called “Centraal Station” and strolled through the old part of the city where most of the shops and shopping streets are. It was really nice walking next to the famous town canals called “Grachten” and looking at all the beautiful old houses and little hidden streets.


The next day we walked through the different parts of the city and discovered some little shops and museums like the tulip museum and a tiny little 

cheese museum.
The Heineken Beer Brewery was our highlight that day because it turned out to be real fun and very interesting even for people, including me, who are not that interested in beer or don’t drink it very often.


The Anne Frank museum was one of the things we had on our list of things we definitely wanted to visit. After we have waited four hours in the insanely long queue outside of the museum we finally could go inside. Unfortunately it was really disappointing because all of the rooms weren’t furnished due to the shortage of space inside of the house. Only little photos hanging on the walls showed how the rooms looked like in former times.
To sum up we think it wasn’t worth the wait but certainly we couldn’t have known that beforehand.

To cheer us a little bit up we went shopping in the old town and tried some of the famous cheese in the special cheese shops.


Due to the fact that the weather wasn’t really good because it was very cloudy all the time and raining every now and then, we decided not to rent bikes and go all the way by foot instead.
I recommend renting a bike when the weather is better because of course it is much more comfortable and faster.


Altogether we really liked Amsterdam and enjoyed the dutch lifestyle. The city is full of nice and mostly young people with an easy-going way of living. We totally recommend visiting Amsterdam and we can’t wait to come back soon!


By Rebecca, April 1st 2016