Spearmint Tea

All the amazing benefits it offers to your body!

spearmint tea benefits

This post is all about spearmint tea and also why I am kind of obsessed with it lately!

For the past weeks I really got into drinking lots of spearmint tea (at least once a day). I've always been a fan of this kind of tea, but now that I integrated drinking it into my day to day live and becoming aware of all the benefits, I grew even more fond of it. I actually stumbled upon it as I was searching for remedies on how to clear acne on a natural approach and also gathered valuable information on how food helps in general (but more follows as you read through this post). You can drink the tea by using fresh or dried spearmint leaves (I usually take a hand full), just put them in a mug (loose or in a tea ball) and simply pour hot water over them, or use tea bags that you can buy in any supermarket.

spearmint tea benefits

Now back to spearmint leaves and its superpowers.

The spearmint herb, also known as garden mint or common mint is a species of mint native to southeastern Europe. This herb is rumored to be having the ability to soothe indigestion, improve the immune system, boost dental health, reduce facial hair growth and also lower inflammation. Spearmint is also helpful especially in the summer, because of its cooling essence. Okay, now let's dive in and discover some of the amazing benefits of spearmint leaves.

Boosts Immune System: Spearmint leaves have an antibacterial capacity that can help to stave off infections.

Eliminates Nausea: Spearmint leaves can soothe your stomach, because of the anti-inflammatory effects which also help with cramping, bloating and constipation. Drinking spearmint tea calms down my body in general so any nausea caused by mental indispositions is calmed down by soothing my mind and thoughts.

Balances Hormone Levels: Spearmint leaves can impact the hormonal balance within your body and thus regulates your mood and also energy cycles that are ruled by our hormones.

Reduces Inflammation: Spearmint tea can help soothe a sore throat and tightness in the chest and can also help with acne (more on this topic at the TCM section below). I also applied spearmint oil to my temples and it helped me reduce the headache and also nausea caused by migraine.

NOTE: If you are pregnant, on medication, breastfeeding or if you are likely to get cold you should consult with your doctor before you start drinking spearmint tea on a constant basis.

spearmint tea benefits

Here are some useful facts on what spearmint tea is used for in TCM:

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are certain foods that are chosen to support the function of a given organ system. In our case, (spear)mint supports the lung and the large intestine.

If you are having acne, it implies that you have excess heat in your body which may be a result of a poor diet, fatigue, stress, or hormonal imbalances.

The most common forms of acne have its origin in lung and stomach heat. Cooling foods and herbs such as spearmint are useful for combatting the heat and healing breakouts.

spearmint tea benefits

For whatever reasons you are drinking spearmint tea, the most important factor of all is its absolutely refreshing and amazing taste. The original cause for why I drank it in the past and still love to trink in the present!

By Natascha, June 6th 2019