My weekend trip to London, one of my favorite cities!

And why it won´t harm you, if you get up early!

Last week I spent the weekend in London, the capital city of the United Kingdom. The weekend couldn´t have started better, because we, (my friend and I) had an amazing view of the city and it´s sights from the airplane when it started its descend. The sky was clear and blue. It was a beautiful and sunny day. 


We got up early the next morning. We sat in the underground at about 7:30 am and were one of very few people (and probably the only tourists) that headed to the Big Ben and Palace of Westminster so early.

Getting up early is something that I do really recommend, because all tourists hotspots we visited were almost empty!

I got a picture of the Big Ben and the London Eye with no-one else on it. How amazing is that? And I also enjoyed the silence at Victoria Tower Gardens, a small but beautiful park along the Thames river and took incredible pictures of the sunset.

Big Ben
London Eye
Victoria Tower Gardens Sunset

At the Buckingham Palace were just some other people, who were heading to work. At about 10 am I got to see the first tourists. Despite the hundreds of birds and ducks that were blocking the pavement in St. James's Park, we felt pretty much alone. Later on we were followed by a  really cute squirrel.

Buckingham Palace
St. James´s Park

When we arrived at the Trafalgar Square the sun was shining bright. We enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and watched all the passengers and the busy place around us. 


Chinatown was covered in red lampions, because of the New Year the Chinese celebrated a few days ago. It was so beautiful.

China Town
Trafalgar Square

Camden Market was pretty amazing. You have to stop at all the litte and fancy stores, because each one of them has so many cool things to offer. It makes you stroll around for hours! The amount of different kinds of food, the jewelry and the second hand shops are great to watch. I bought myself a really nice bracelet.

Our last stop was the Tower Bridge. There you can visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition, step inside the bridge and get an amazing view of the city. You can also take a glimpse of what happens right under your feet from the glass floor. You get well informed about the history of the bridge and can also  visit the engine rooms if you like.

I can really recommend you this!


We had a really nice weekend and I can´t wait to visit London again. 

Tower Bridge
Camden Market
Glass Floor Tower Bridge

By Natascha, March 9th 2016