5 Things you can do to live more Sustainable

sustainable living

This post is about the planet earth, our only home. We all know that we are destroying it constantly. Yet there is so much that every single one of us can do to help saving it. Even small things that we can integrate into our daily lives can have a major impact. I picked out 5 simple things that you can integrate into your daily live towards a more conscious and sustainable living. Go check them out and find one or tow (or more) things that you like to take on for yourself.

1. Shop more consciously

2. Produce less waste

3. Eat more veggies

4. Think about fast fashion

5. Take your bike more often

sustainable living

Shop your groceries more consciously:

In the past two years or so I got used to look at labels from almost every food I buy. Where does it come from? Which ingredients does it contain?

I really do my best when it comes to shopping seasonal and local, but I know too that it takes a lot to completely go without bananas, oranges or avocados or also superfoods such as chia seeds and quinoa (for me based on living in Austria). You should not forget that there mostly are alternatives that do grow in your own country. For example flaxseeds grow in Austria and instead of putting chia seeds in my daily oatmeal I can switch to flaxseeds more often. It is all about reducing, nobody forces you to completely change your eating habits, but slowly adapting comes in handy here. You could try to eat less of those foods that need to travel a long way to come to your supermarket. I also started looking at ingredients like palm oil on the labels and started buying alternatives that come without this oil. Palm oil plantations are a major driver of deforestation and with destroying the rain forests they take the habitat of precious species along with them. What I do when I eat or buy a product that comes from another continent is instead of feeling guilty, I really appreciate it and this makes me enjoy it even more.

Try to produce less waste:

The first thing that comes to my mind is plastic. I know it is necessary in some aspects but especially when it comes to single-use plastic with packaging foods and beauty products or clothes and also single use-plastic bags there is so much we can do to prevent the use of it. While there is a lot of positive change coming there is still so much more to do and we can play a huge part here, if we start implementing simple things in our daily lives. Like when shopping groceries in my local supermarket I try my best to buy groceries that are not wrapped in plastic. Things where I can easily apply this is when buying fruits and vegetables. I bought reusable fresh produce shopping bags and started taking them with me whenever I went grocery shopping. Unfortunately this is the only thing I can do to prevent buying plastic in the supermarket. I don't know if you heard of those zero waste shops where you can buy package free groceries. They are really great! Simply take some containers with you and fill them up with foods like, rolled oats, lentils, whatever. In my country these stores are only located in the big cities and as I am not living in one I can hardly go to these stores, but if you are living in a big city I highly encourage you to go and check it out! Also when buying shampoo, cleansing products etc. there are so many products we can buy without plastic. I use a soap to wash my face, a shampoo bar for my hair and also for my body and I love it! I also comb my hair with a wooden comb - there is so much we can do to avoid plastic products.

Eat more veggies:

I am not here to convert you into a vegetarian or a vegan (great if you already live that way!). But as we all know, vegetables are good for our body and the environment. Animal agriculture is responsible for most greenhouse gases (more than the world's transportation system) and don't forget about the amounts of land, food and water that is required and even worse, the animal suffering. How about implementing one ore two meat free days per week? There are so many great recipes out there which don't need meat to taste really good. Or how about making a vegan cake just for fun or for the sake of trying something different? Give it a try! I lived vegan for a few months and even tough I really enjoyed it I got back to vegetarian but still avoid dairy products. I simply fell in love with all those possibilities and ways to cook without meat and dairy!

Try to avoid fast fashion:

I know it can be hard for a fashion addict not to buy anything anymore and trust me, nobody wants you to do it. The clothing industry causes pollution, waste, exploitation of workers, high water consumption and pollution and rainforest destruction. But also in this area there are many things we can do to improve our buying habits for the sake of the environment. More and more brands launch their conscious clothing lines using organic and natural fibers and also recycled ones. This brings me to the next point: Recycling! Do you have clothes that you don't wear anymore? You can donate them or recycle them. H&M has made it possible for you to bring your old and torn clothes to their store so they can be recycled. Take advantage of such possibilities! You can also sell your clothes that still look good or you didn't wear often. There are platforms on the internet where you can sell and buy second hand clothes, I am a huge fan of these websites.

Take your bike more often:

I know people preach this all around the globe, but it really helps the environment! Again this is not about selling your car and only take public transportation, but about taking your bike more often or public transportation. Imagine a sunny day and you are meeting your friend at a nearby coffeeshop in town. If you decide to take the bike you can do your body some good with treating it with an easy exercise, you can enjoy the sun and maybe get a nice tan and you don't have to bother with searching for a parking spot. These are only positive aspects right? Hate riding your bike or you don't have one? Then walk to your desired destination! You can listen to some music or a podcast while doing so to enjoy your walk even more.

sustainable living

I hope this post is a little bit of help and incentive for you to try and start your life in a more sustainable direction. Every action we take towards a more sustainable life, no matter how big or small has an impact - we just have to start now!


By Natascha, May 4th 2019