Easy Chocolate Milk

Super easy, fast and chocolatey!

Vanilla Almond Milk

Make your own almond milk with this easy recipe!

Coffee Shake

With whipped coconut cream on top!

Energy Boost Smoothie


Healthy and natural.

Chocolate Shake


Healthy and vegan! Perfect if you are craving for
something sweet, but stay healthy at the same time.

Fruity and refreshing

Raspberry - Ice Tea


This is the perfect recipe for all of you who love refreshing Ice Teas and raspberries! This recipe is so easy and delicious it is a must to try it out!

Fresh Lime - Mint- Ice Tea


This recipe is super easy and refreshing due to the lime and mint which are the main ingredients for this delicious ice tea!

IMG_4276 (600x800)

(Green) Smoothies


To all of you healthy guys! 

It's time to make some (green) smoothies!

smoothie ready