Tea Tree Water

One of the Lush products that I can really recommend you!


The Tea Tree Water from Lush is really good for your face. It helps to clear your skin and reduces skin blemishes. It also leaves a fresh and clean feeling on your face. 


Some of the ingredients like tea tree water and grapefruit water have a refreshing and antibacterial effect. All the good and important minerals get directly to your skin.


I apply this face water every morning and every evening after I cleaned my face with a washing gel (or just with water). I spray it all over my face (with closed eyes) and then wait until it is dry. Afterwards I apply a moisturizer. 


This is one of the Lush products that I really love. Lush is one of my favorite brands, because they are against animal testing and have only handmade products.


Try it out and see for yourself!




By Natascha, April 22nd 2016