My Summer and Beach Essentials


Especially after a day at the beach or when you are outside in the sun the whole day your skin needs extra care and moisture.


These few products are the perfect companions for your summer! They protect you from the sun and give you the extra care you need after and during your sunbath.


All of them are drugstore products so they are super inexpensive and do their job perfectly!

IMG_4665 (600x800)
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These 3 Sun Dance products are cheap, very good and super effective!
I bought the sunscreen with spf 30 and the matching lipbalm with spf 20. The lotion is easy to apply, dermatologically tested and especially made for untanned skin.

The aloe vera après gel is perfect for after a sunbath. It moisutrizes the skin, cools it and is not sticky at all. When you have a sunburn this is the perfect solution for you!

The raspberry kiss bodylotion from the brand  treacle moon makes your skin so smooth! It is not greasy at all and leaves a super smooth feeling on your skin after you have applied it.
Plus it smells soooo delicious that you would like to eat it!

My last 2 summer favourites are both Dove products and I am a huge fan of these! The showergel smells really delicious and makes you feel so fresh and clean after the shower. It smoothes your skin perfectly and gives it the moisture you need.

The go fresh deodorant in the smell cucumber is one of my go to deodorants and I take it everywhere with me. It also smells so fresh and contains 0% aluminium which is a big plus for me because I only buy deodorants without aluminium for a couple of years now.

By Rebecca, August 4th 2016