About Us



About Us

We are Natascha and Rebecca, two sisters from Austria and the girls behind The Berry Cat.

Why "The Berry Cat"? Because we are real cat lovers and is there any better way than combining the things that you love?

We enjoy cooking, creating new recipes, exploring new places, trying out new DIY projects and don't forget to mention that we are coffee-lovers of course 🙂 We started this blog in 2016, because we love to share our thoughts and ideas for a healthy, happy and creative living with you.

On this blog we write about our favorite and self created recipes, which are healthy, easy and mostly vegan or vegetarian. We also love to try and create new things and share our knowledge for a more sustainable life. Our DIY projects are about fashion (altering your old clothes), beauty and present ideas.

For our recipes we mostly use organic and regional products and we replace unhealthy ingredients with a better and healthier alternative. We experiment a lot with different ingredients and try to learn something new everyday.

We think that (almost) every meal can be turned into a healthier and more plant based version!

We hope you enjoy our blog and have a beautiful day!

The Berry Cat

Welcome to our family!

Leo and Marty are the new cats to The Berry Cat (I know they're white and not berry ;)). They love to play with each other, spend hours and hours strolling through the garden and always try to get a bite of our baked goods (they don't actually get to eat them of course :))

Natascha The Berry Cat

This is Natascha, she loves cooking (baking even more), sewing and trying out new things altogether. Being creative, her love for animals and nature and movies (of course) are the things that make her happy.

Rebecca (1280x853)

This is Rebecca, she  currrently discovered her passion for living a more natural, eco-friendly and mindful life. Besides that her hobbies are baking, sports and creating new things like recipes and DIYs for the blog.

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