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Chocolate Apple Pancakes

Here we are with a nourishing recipe where you can enjoy chocolate for breakfast! With these chocolate apple pancakes – How cool is this?

This wonderful recipe for chocolate apple pancakes will ultimately bring sunshine into your day. These pancakes are vegan and healthy too – perfect for a Sunday breakfast or brunch.  Read more




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How to make your garden or balcony bee-friendly!

Want to do something good and become a bee saver? I asked myself this same question and there was only one simple answer to it. YES, YES and of course, YES. We all know that bees are dying all over the world, because of pesticides, drought, habitat destruction, nutrition deficit, air pollution, global warming and more. And the topic of saving this little heroes is getting bigger every day. And the good new is that there is a thing or two that any individual can do to help prevent the extinction of the bees... continue reading

Low Carb Cookies

It’s been too long since I made some really good chocolate chip cookies. But I was not satisfied when thinking... continue reading

Es ist schon lange her, als ich das letzte mal Cookies gebacken habe. Jedoch war ich nicht sehr zufrieden mit dem... hier weiterlesen

Spearmint Tea - Benefits

This post is all about spearmint tea and also why I am kind of obsessed with it lately!

For the past weeks I really got into drinking lots of spearmint tea (at least once a day). I've always been a fan of this kind of tea, but now that I integrated drinking it into my day to day live and becoming aware of all the benefits, I grew even more fond of it. I actually stumbled upon it as I was searching for remedies
on.... continue reading

Roasted Muesli

How about a healthy and crunchy muesli for lighting up your mornings? This vegan recipe is so... continue reading

Wie wär's mit einem gesunden und knusprig Müsli als gute Laune Boost in der Früh? Dieses vegane Rezept ist... hier weiterlesen

Quinoa Salad

This quinoa salad is our favorite meal during the summer time, because it is a light and refreshing... continue reading

Dieser Quinoa Salat ist eines unserer Lieblingsrezepte für den Sommer. Das Rezept ist nicht nur einfach... hier weiterlesen

Berry Yoghurt Parfait

t is hot outside and you crave something sweet? But brownies, muffins or anything chocolatey is too "heavy" on this summer day? I can totally understand you. Especially in summer I don't really feel like anything too solid but still want something to satisfy my sweet tooth. So I thought about making a light and fruity dessert and came up with this delicious... continue reading

Apple Breakfast Bars

I came up with this idea a few days ago when I desired something sweet and fruity and when I saw the huge amount of apples in our kitchen I knew exactly what to do. You can eat these vegan apple bars perfectly for breakfast, because... continue reading

Schon vor ein paar Tagen kam mir die Idee zu diesem Rezept, weil ich unbedingt etwas süßes und zugleich fruchtiges backen wollte. Als ich dann die vielen Äpfel in unserer Küche entdeckte wusste ich genau was zu tun ist. Das Apfelbrot eignet sich hervorragen als Frühstück... hier weiterlesen


Hello beautiful soul and welcome to this blog post! This post is for anyone who wants to treat their body with love and respect - today I am talking about Self Care!  Read more